Loyalty programs are your secret ingredient, helping you expand your customer retention, repeat purchases, average cart sizes, and more. Here at LoyaltyZen, we have created loyalty reward program software for agency and business use. We created this software and sell it completely white-labeled for your benefit.

What does “White-Label” mean?

What is a white-label loyalty program platform? White-label, sometimes called a private label, is a product/service/program that is provided without logos or names from the original provider.

Since we create reward program systems, this means we give you the advanced software for you to use without our name on it. You customize your loyalty program to match your brand. This program can be used to create points per purchase, exclusive coupons, encourage higher cart sizes to redeem exclusive items and more.

If you can create your own loyalty software from scratch, or have access to other open-source software, there are similar advantages. However, working with a white-label software can get you set up faster and easier.

How do white-label loyalty systems help your businesses?

You’ve created a business and brand that you love. Now you want to share it with your customers. A loyalty program is a great way to show your brand personality and build brand awareness.

When customers love your brand, they are more likely to become brand advocates and actively recommend your business. When using a loyalty program software, your own brand should be the focus, rather than some other loyalty platform brands that keep their branding within the software.

That’s why we believe that a white-label solution is especially effective in the loyalty business, it helps you promote your brand better than other solutions.

Loyalty systems help you retain more customers. By providing rewards with each purchase, you help increase word of mouth as customers share the benefits of the program with their peers. This increases your brand advocacy, a valuable tool for your business.

To reinforce your brand loyalty, brand recognition, and advocacy of your customers we created a solution that lets you fully customize the branding of your loyalty program.

Where can you customize the branding?

Example of a white-label loyalty program

You can add your branding to the customer portal/points area, opt-ins, emails (with custom templates available at certain plan levels), and SMS messages.

There are template options to start with or you can create your own custom design. Your own domain is used as well, so matching your website is seamless.

White-label loyalty program platform for resellers

If you are part of an agency and want to provide this process for your clients, LoyaltyZen can outsource our services to you as a reseller. As an agency, you know what your client needs.

You can add your agency logo when presenting to your clients and offering these services to them, expanding what your team is capable of by using our software. Accelerate your business while maintaining your current resource level. Why start over when your needs are met with our already-made rewards program software?

Where to get started

If you are ready to create or outsource a rewards program for your clients that will help them shine with their own branding and personality, you need a white-labeled program. It helps save you time vs creating a program and software from the ground up, adds value and services to your agency without additional overhead, and provides customizable options to make the platform match the needs of the end-user.

Provide exceptional loyalty and incentive programs for your clients using white-label royalty program software from LoyaltyZen. Get started today.