When a company operates in different countries or wants to target members speaking different languages, there will likely be problems. However, that shouldn’t stand in your way. Multilingual sales incentive programs are vitally important. Your members and customers expect a personalized service/approach. If you aren’t able to offer your service in their preferred language, they may decide to go with one of your competitors who better meets their needs. This is especially true for loyalty programs, which are all about personalization and individual customer engagement.

What are the problems in launching an international or multilingual incentive program?

When it comes to launching international/multilingual rewards programs, there are obvious problems like translating the content into different languages and managing it in CMS. It can be time-consuming, especially if you frequently put out new content.

Apart from that, members who are from different countries or speak different languages should receive texts or emails in their preferred language. This means translating all of your text and email content as well as creating separate mailing lists representing different countries/languages. 

Those are the obvious issues, but there are also more subtle problems, like cultural differences or different legal regulations in different countries. In terms of cultural differences, the meanings of common sayings may be lost from one language to another. And with different legal regulations across countries, you could inadvertently get yourself into legal trouble that is expensive to fix.

Why not launch different loyalty programs for every language/country?

This strategy is worth consideration. It has some advantages, but also one very big disadvantage. The main advantage is the option to create a totally customized experience for every language or country. The disadvantage is that it takes a lot of work and effort to implement and manage many different loyalty programs.

How does LoyatlyZen help you run a multilingual and international loyalty program?

When you work with LoyaltyZen, you can choose the main language and additional languages to offer your loyalty program members. All the default text and messages will be translated automatically (like the text on the login page or in welcome emails). The member can choose the language they prefer during enrollment or when they log into the program.

On top of that, we have created a translation module. It translates all important elements of the loyalty program members’ portal, including:

  • Your rewards catalog — reward names and descriptions
  • Content pages
  • Footer information and menu
  • Different menu options for different languages
  • Legal documents and consent forms can also be set up for each country/language

Because the translation is so easy, every member gets all the content in their preferred language.

Loyalty program translation module

Which languages does LoyaltyZen support for loyalty/incentive program software out of the box?

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Coming soon: Spanish and Portuguese

Can LoyaltyZen implement a custom language version of this software?

Yes, that’s possible!

If you are ready to launch your international or multilingual loyalty program  in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese, then contact us to schedule a demo.

If you are a marketing agency or an IT company, we invite you to check out our white-label solutions and our Partner Program.