Online rewards catalogue for your loyalty or incentive program

Create a loyalty rewards catalogue tailored to the preferences and needs of your program members.

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Personalise your rewards catalogue

A loyalty program can be based on physical rewards, discounts, gift cards or promotional codes. Decide for yourself which rewards will be included in your catalogue and share it with participants via the engagement portal.


Physical rewards




Pre-paid cards


Electronic code-based rewards

Create an online reward store integrated with your website

Give participants the ability to add rewards to their baskets, order them, and track the delivery status. With automatic notifications on the rewards platform, participants can easily track the delivery status of rewards ordered with loyalty points.

More rewards catalogue features


Manage your reward orders

Control your processes through a dedicated order management panel for administrators. This will allow you to process orders quickly, even in busy times when the number of orders increases dramatically, like holiday seasons.


Manage prepaid and gift cards in your loyalty program

Prepaid cards are one of the most attractive rewards in the loyalty program. The prepaid card management module gives you better control of the payment process. A full description of prepaid card management functions can be found on this page.

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