Program implementation and management section

Manage your points or tiered loyalty program from the administrator dashboard daily. You can also configure individual rules and run marketing activities. Explore its possibilities!

Setting up loyalty program rules

You can easily launch your online rewards program within the admin dashboard. You don’t need to know programming. We provide you with features that allow you to create an attractive loyalty program scheme effortlessly.

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Manage ongoing processes

Manage participants, points and rewards directly from the admin dashboard. Even the most challenging elements of managing a loyalty program are simple with LoyaltyZen.


Organise special campaigns

Organise your promotions and initiatives to engage your participants. With LoyaltyZen, you can take your loyalty program to the next level.


Manage access

Grant your colleagues and partners unlimited access to the admin dashboard. Use as many as four levels of system access: administrator, manager, employee and read-only access.


Analyse statistics and export data

Check the progress of your program in real-time and create customised reports with the option to export data.

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