API integration and data imports

Take advantage of integration via API and import CSV files

LoyaltyZen can be integrated with popular sales, ERP and accounting software. Thanks to the extensive API, you can create customised solutions created especially for your needs.

The API supports transactions in the loyalty program and operations on participant data, including registration of new program participants. Thanks to the integration, you can download data from an external program to the loyalty program or display it (e.g., in your CRM). We guarantee data consistency and there’s no need to enter it manually.

Import data from CSV, Excel files or FTP server

When you don’t need real-time integration, import data into your loyalty program from CSV files. At LoyaltyZen, we also provide you with the option to periodically download data from an FTP server.

Implement non-standard projects

In the custom model, we implement projects characterised by non-standard program schemes or integration with external systems. If your company is looking for a unique solution, submit a request with a contact form or contact our company directly.