Sales Incentive Programs
and B2B loyalty

With LoyaltyZen you will be able to launch your own sales incentive plan on your own terms. Motivate your salespeople, distributors, and your resellers with an incentive program chosen for your business model. Help your distributors create sales in the same ways you’d motivate customers with a business-to-business (B2B) channel loyalty program.

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Motivate and maximize performance

A program without a goal is not effective. Maximize your incentive plan’s performance by setting targets for your sales staff and distributors. Engage, motivate, and reward your best customers and partners. Increase the ROI of your B2B loyalty marketing performance with a channel loyalty program.

Use points and rewards to motivate your incentive program members



Encourage motivation by giving points with every sale. Keep your members engaged by increasing their available rewards and statuses in tiers.



Every new member will get points for enrolling, helping them get started with an instant boost of satisfaction.


Custom events and goals

Create custom events and goals that will be granted with extra points, like social sharing and referral features.

Leaderboards and Sales Targets

With leaderboards enabled, you motivate your distributors and salespeople to reach targets and beat the competition. Having easy goals to start and then stretch goals as they improve will create long-term adoption.

More sales incentive features

Reward incentive program members

Custom rewards help your program stand out. Use physical rewards, like gifts with brand logos or slogans, or have coupon codes and gift cards. Your custom rewards catalogue meets your member’s needs.

Engage with Email and SMS messages

Create email and SMS campaigns to boost engagement in your sales incentive program. Share emails giving tips on how to bring in more sales, encourage participation, and help members get rewards faster through training.

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