Competitions are usually associated with marketing activities aimed at consumers, but they can also be used successfully in Business to Business (B2B) marketing. Contests for contractors or other professionals (such as building contractors or installation experts) can help you achieve your company’s business goals, primarily if the competition is organized as part of a loyalty program.

Examples and Best Practices for Competitions in B2B Businesses

What does a well-conducted campaign look like? Let’s take a company from the insulation industry as our example. This company organized a photo competition for its contractors.

The contractors were asked to send photos of their projects, after which 12 participants would be recognized, and the top two would receive a special prize: a professional photo shot and a bundle of promotional services for their company. Before applying, they were asked to enroll in the loyalty program. This way, the contest was another great avenue to gain new channel loyalty program participants. 

The awards also deserve some focus. Developing a logo or preparing pamphlets or other promotional material for the winner is an exciting proposition to encourage business owners to participate. From the business owners’ perspective, participation in the competition is a way to promote their company. This is a win-win situation, and both parties benefit from the partnership.

Are you looking for another example? How about a competition for fireplace installers organized by a company from this industry? In this example, the participants were asked to send in photos of installed fireplaces in finished interiors. The installers are then able to not only promote the projects they’ve been working on but also can look for inspiration and ideas for new projects allowing all parties to benefit. Want to take it a step further? Try making the competition a yearly campaign. By having a yearly competition, you will build familiarity and establish long-term relationships with those who participate. 

How do you organize a B2B channel loyalty program as a contest?

Preparation is critical to ensure potential participants receive the competition positively. Thinking back to the examples we mentioned earlier, a few simple guidelines made the contests a success:

  • The company running the contest did not make it too simple or too difficult to participate. It was just the right complexity, so it was worth the participants’ time and energy.
  • The competition tasks allowed the participants to show off their professional skills.
  • The grand prize was attractive to the participants, making them motivated to complete the task.
  • The company not only encouraged the participants to take part in the loyalty program, but the company was able to obtain free and authentic user-generated content for its social media channels and website.

In short: the type of competition always depends on the target group, business goals, and the possibilities of the organizer. The competition itself can be part of the loyalty program to motivate participants to become more involved. Good competition is where the organizers have devoted time to getting to know the participants’ needs and desires. 


From idea to reality – How do you execute the competition?

Do you have your concept ready? Now its time to implement. Legal terms and promotional materials are the basis, without which no competition can exist. In legal terms, don’t forget to include a clause saying that applying means they consent to use the materials created for the contest for promotional purposes by the organizer!

Like any product, you must also promote and communicate the contest. As part of the loyalty program executed in the LoyaltyZen system, you can easily launch a simple and intuitive competition with a landing page and application form. You can also easily determine the legal terms and choose the winner(s). 

Why should I organize a contest in a B2B channel loyalty program?

Competitions are tools to build relationships with business partners and recipients of your products or services. Using a channel loyalty program will not only set your company apart but also help you obtain digital content that you can use to help propel your business forward.