White-label loyalty software

  • Easily set-up B2B or a B2C loyalty program.
  • Define the rules and looks of your own loyalty program.
  • Use one of multiple ways to operate your loyalty program, i.e. web interface, API integration, data imports.
  • Our software is user-friendly and customer-centric.

PR and advertising agencies

  • If you are a PR or advertising agency willing to implement a loyalty program on behalf of your customer, when we can handle all technical aspects of launching a loyalty program.
  • We offer white-label software as your agencies’ sub-contractors.
  • We create and implement custom loyalty programs, mobile apps and more, all in line with your customers’ needs.


LoyaltyZen is co-financed by the European Union

Under the Regional Operational Programme for innovative businesses.


Loyalty program software, business loyalty programs B2B and B2C

Our company started out as an agency running loyalty programs on behalf of our customers in Poland. Running a loyalty program can be a struggle, because it consists of many time-consuming activities. To make it efficient we have created LoyaltyZen application, which automates all major processes within a loyalty, rewards or incentive program and enables us to operate successfully. We decided to offer our software for all companies and agencies struggling to implement and run a loyalty program.