Don’t waste time and money on software development

Fast implementation

Using LoyaltyZen you can launch a loyalty program within a week. You don’t have to develop your own software, hire developers, pay for software maintenance, servers, bug fixing. This all is very costly and time consuming. By using LoyaltyZen on-demand solution you will substantially lower cost and time needed to implement a loyalty program.

No implementation fees

Why do we not charge initial or implementation fees? Because LoyaltyZen’s software is a out-of-the-box solution, which is entirely self-service. There is no coding required, therefore there is no implementation fee.

Transparent pricing

LoyaltyZen pricing is based on one monthly payment. There are no transaction nor license fees. Using LoyaltyZen will help you keep costs under control.

Run your loyalty program effectively

With LoyaltyZen you will be able to manage all activities within a loyalty program, i.e. customer enrolment, points accrual, rewards shipment. This will save you a lot of time and work, and enable you to focus on key issues, like strategy or communication within the loyalty program.

Use data to run a successful loyalty program

Is your loyalty program paying off? Check your loyalty program’s performance. Monitor program statistics and indicators. With LoyaltyZen that’s easy.

Comprehensive customer support

We can help you to launch your loyalty program, and later on you can also count on our customer support.

Custom implementations

If you require to implement custom integrations, mobile solutions, specific features needed in your industry, then please contact us. We like challenges.