LoyaltyZen’s solution for agencies

White-label and on-demand solution for PR and advertising agencies

LoyaltyZen provides full technical support of all aspects of the loyalty program, from implementation to reporting This allows your agency to focus on the most important aspects of running the program on behalf your agency’s customer, such as strategy or communication with the participants.

Different loyalty programs scenarios

B2B, retail, FMCG, incentive programs

LoyaltyZen is designed to handle different loyalty program scenarios, from B2B to retail and services. Together we will define the way in which our software can help your agency to implement and run the loyalty program.

Concentrate on what’s important

We will take care of the technology You don’t need to waste time and money on software development and maintenance.

We cooperate as partners

Synergy of competences
We cooperate with PR, advertising and interactive agencies as subcontractors. We work together to achieve the success of your customer’s loyalty program.

Custom implementations

We enjoy challenges

Our platform enables us to develop custom features to meet particular customer’s needs. Please contact us, we will analyse your business case and offer the best possible solution.

Why choose LoyaltyZen?

We specialize in loyalty program software. There are number of reasons, why you should choose LoyaltyZen:

  • We offer fast and reasonably priced implementation. By using LoyaltyZen you can substantially lower the risk and cost of launching a loyalty program.
  • We take care of all technical aspects of the loyalty program.
  • LoyaltyZen will enable you to easily manage even large scale loyalty programs.
  • LoyaltyZen pricing is based on fixed monthly payment. This will allow you to easily prepare the budget of the loyalty program.
  • We offer comprehensive customer support.