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combine modules to create a perfect loyalty program

Points accrual rules

Points for spend

Set your own custom accrual rules and calculate points based on members spending.

Product or action based points

Accrue points based on particular member’s purchase of behaviour.

Bonus points and additional rules

Bonus points for enrolment and other actions. Set points validity period.


Set purchasing or sales targets for your accounts or customers.

Deals and promotions

Grant members bonus points for participating in a time-limited deals.

Tiers and customer groups

Reward your best customers. Groups are created based on points or spending.

Purchase or action submission

Members of B2B programs can submit the purchase via a dedicated form.

Rewards module

Rewards catalogue on-line

Create and manage your rewards catalogue and allow members to access it any time.

Electronic vouchers and gift cards

Members can easily redeem virtual vouchers and gift cards.

Pre-paid cards module

Easily manage your program based on pre-paid debit cards.

Track program cost

Monitor total cost of the loyalty program based on rewards cost.

Rewards logistics panel

Use our rewards logistic management panel to track rewards shipment.

Additional payment for delivery

Set additional payment for reward redemption or delivery.

Transactional e-mails and SMS

Participants are notified about reward delivery status.

Members enrolment

On-line and in-store enrolment

Participants can enrol online or be enrolled in a brick-and-mortar store.

Create a custom enrolment form

Choose which data you would like to collect in the enrolment process.

Use plastic loyalty cards

Our software is compatible with plastic customer cards.


E-mail communications

Send transactional end marketing e-mail campaigns. Use custom transactional e-mail templates.

Targeted marketing

Target communication to specific customer segments.

SMS messages

Easily send transactional end marketing SMS messages.

Members engagement portal

Rewards and communication

Publish your marketing materials and an on-line rewards catalogue.

Managing participation

Members can manage their account and program participation.


Our members engagement portal is mobile-ready.

Monitor and analyse

Program history and statistics

View program history and most important program statistics.

Segment participants

Build customer segments based on demographics or spending habits.

Manage participants

View and manage your participants, easily export data to external systems.

Automation and integrations


Use our robust API to connect external systems. For more information please see our API docs.

Import CSV files

Import transactions via a CSV import tool with an auto-importer option.

General management features

Unlimited admin accounts

You can create separate access accounts for each employee or admin.

Use one of three access levels

Admin, manager and employee – every account has every permission level.

Set up store locations

Set up locations, assign to them an associate employee account and monitor program outcomes.

Legal compliance features

Terms and conditions

Upload your own terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Grow subscribers base

Let members subscribe to your e-mail and SMS newsletters.

GDPR compliant

Our software is compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation.